this is balls playground 1.8.42535.13124.490715.1359085.1.3882842.68924 or whatever (no human balls included)

some of the buttons in this game doesn't work cause it webgl and not a exe. also this game was made by one person so don't expect a lot lol. also if you found this game and expected something, ima just say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. play my first EVER version of the game in itch.io (its bad). This game is not done it is simply a beta if you didn't read the title. I am not going to write a whole passage about this whole game so just stop reading,  and play the game.

IMPORTANT: you might have to adjust your browser zoom so the game resolution doesn't glitch Or you could do fullscreen


w = up

a = left

d = right

s + a/d = roll slow

spam w next to a wall you could climb it

Updated 17 hours ago
AuthorMister Dev
Made withUnity

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